Hi, I'm Julien.

I make art and games and all kinds of stuff. Feel free to say hello.

I've been living in Toronto for 10 years and spend my days drawing, recording, writing, playing and serving coffee.

I studied music composition and piano performance at York University, but I play mainly for myself these days. I play a couple other instruments as well and have some recording experience. I dabble in game design, coding and pixel art from time to time and have done a number of game jams in the city. I run multiple tabletop role-playing games and want to run more. I like text and typography and do some calligraphy work here and there. I draw fantasy art and try to keep up a sketchbook. I spend a lot of time playing board games, especially new ones, and have worked on some of my own board game designs. I also write, mainly fantasy and science-fiction short stories, sometimes blog posts or reviews. Oh, and I'm making a podcast. I'm not really sure how I find time for everything.