I'm really great at keeping up with this blog.

I've been working like crazy for a few weeks (months?) on a new project that started out with a frustration with the core D&D character sheets. They are beautiful sheets and serve a good purpose, but I heard my players say, "Where am I supposed to write all this stuff?" one too many times. I also noticed that some of my players would colour in different parts with their pencils and doodle all over them. Against the formal design of the default sheet, it looked almost like graffiti. 

So I love to doodle and I love to design. I started some sketches and drew my own character sheet. I was starting a new campaign using Out of the Abyss as a starting point and wanted to add some spiders, webs, and evil omens to characterise the setting and help the players live out the fantasy of a dark adventure. This quickly turned into designing a sheet that all my games could use (although I plan to do some specific themes later). 

First I realised some of the weird limitations of the sheet. Why are weapon attacks on the main page but not spell slots? Don't half the classes cast spells? Where do you track ammunition if you're so inclined? Why is passive perception such a big deal, when I use passive insight, arcana, and all kinds of junk? And isn't perception + 10 easy to do on the fly? Why is the hit die box so weird? What is my spellcasting DC I use every second round? I wanted to fix some of these qualms and make casters feel as at home on the sheet as fighters.

Then I thought, if your class is so special why are you using the same sheet as everyone else? Many of my new players (and old as well) have way too much trouble finding their class abilities written out in small text on the side. If a wizard is all about his spell book, why isn't that front and centre? Or a paladin's oath? A cleric's domain? A druid's favourite animal stats? And why are we shoving this onto the main page? It's clear that D&D is too complex for one sheet. So I started on some class-specific sheets and moved some extra information there so you don't have to reference the Player's Handbook when using Divine Smite or Beast Form

These are still in development, but if you want to test them just drop me an email or a tweet and I'll send you them as I finish/edit them. Right now, only the main sheet is ready to play. My players are enjoying it quite a bit. I'm working on finishing up some of the class sheets as I type. Stay tuned for updates.