I'm releasing the first draft of two different D&D 5e character sheets today, and it's a little confusing why they need to be released together but I've got reasons below. 

The Main Sheet

D&D characters all have a lot in common, like ability scores, skills and personalities. The first sheet I made was an effort to include all of this information in a fun and creative sheet that players could fill out and doodle on. I feel the official sheets heavily favour classes that don't cast spells and lost out on valuable real estate trying to cram in class and race features. I heavily recommend sheets where the skills are divided up by ability score so players actually understand where their bonuses are coming from. One known issue is that I don't have a spot for racial features which will be added somewhere in a future update. 

The Class Sheet

While some things are the same, the class you choose heavily affects what information is important to you, and having less than one column to write it all is honestly infuriating. My 5th-level bard player is already out of space. I've seen solutions in the form of sheets that offer some checkboxes and spaces for you to go crazy with your class features with, but I wonder what use they are if they are trying to cram twelve (or more) classes into one format. 

The class sheet highlights exactly what's important to your character. The druid is the first sheet I'm posting, and it brings the Wild Shape and Spellcasting features front and centre since they are the bread and butter of playing a druid. There's even room to store the stats of a couple favourite beasts.

More Coming Soon

These are drafts. There are some issues I know about and I'm sure there are plenty I don't know about. If you want to use them, feel free, but please give me any thoughts or feedback, even if it's just a thank you. I am playtesting these with my groups but I know it's a limited pool of players. The more hands these get into the better. I will eventually be selling these, but until the final version of each sheet is done they will be available on the site for free. Click one of the links or go to the "projects" page and go nuts!