My players have always had trouble with the default character sheets. Although concise and well made, they lack a few pieces of information that are essential to players, and if you want to be thorough you will end up using 3 or 4 sheets that have space for information you might not even be using because every class is so unique. Essential details and abilities should be right in front of you so you're never missing out on them. 

That's why I made these. By using these, players can more easily understand what sets their class apart. In tabletop games, everything you use can affect the tone and mood of your game, so these are covered in art and doodles to help keep you in the adventuring mindset even while you're looking up saving throws. 

They are in draft state, and as long as they are they will be free to download and playtest. If you use them, please send me some feedback! You can reach me on twitter and instagram or just send me an email. I'd honestly love to hear what you think. Enjoy!



This sheet is for every player. Tools for spellcasting and martial classes are brought front and center and the skills branch off the ability scores in a way that makes their relationship more obvious. The design and art gives your game a more adventurous, fun and creative flavour. If your players are staring at this sheet for half the game, it should at least be nice to look at, right?

The Barbarian

Coming soon.


The bard has plenty of room for spells and extra for racial or class features that grant them. Bardic Inspiration is the key feature of this sheet, with references to the basic functions and limits of the ability. There's a brief rules summary for all the features the bard class gains while you level and places to track how powerful your Bardic Inspiration and Song of Rest dice are.  

The Cleric

Clerics have sheets that focus on their powerful spellcasting and their ability to channel the divine power of their deities. There's plenty of room for the extra options for Channel Divinity to be added from your Divine Domain, and Turn Undead gets a rules summary so it's always at hand and easy to remember. 


Preserve the balance of nature with a secondary sheet for players using the druid class. As a full spellcasting class, your spell list gets the room and attention it needs, while the basics of your Wild Shape feature are kept in easy reach. Two fillable stat blocks for your favourite beast forms let you keep the stats at hand when you need them, and a second hit point tracker means less fussing with your main sheet when you transform.  

Known issues: missing a section for racial features.

The Fighter

Coming soon.


Monks have way too many abilities. I could barely fit them all on this sheet; how are you supposed to survive with the default one? Ki and Martial Arts are featured at the top of the page and Ki options are listed for easy reference. Space is tight in the Monastic Tradition section but a future draft might be able to improve that. 

The Paladin 

Coming soon.

The Ranger

Coming soon.

The Rogue

Coming soon.


Sorcerer's are all about sorcery points, so they take center stage here. There's a table for point conversion so you don't have your nose in the rulebook, and every Metamagic option is listed on the sheet with a checkbox so you can look them over before you level up. Tons of room for information about your Sorcerous Origin and room for extra spells from racial features and other sources. 

The Warlock

Coming soon.

The Wizard

Coming soon. 

The Artificer

Coming soon.

The MYstic

Coming soon.