5th Edition Spell Book & Spell Cards

5th Edition Spell Book & Spell Cards


The perfect companion for any spell-slinger. 

Remembering spells is hard. But crafts are fun! This printable, make-at-home spellbook will help you remember every cantrip and incantation (and it looks pretty rad too). You just print it, craft it, and scribe your spells as you level up. Comes with everything you need to make your own spellbook along with spell cards in two sizes for the more pragmatic warlock or wizard. 

Note: This product requires some materials and assembly. You will need paper (standard printer paper will suffice, but a heavier weight is better), scissors, and a stapler. You can use a needle and embroidery thread if you want some extra flair.


  • Printable cover, pages*, and instructions for a print-and-craft spellbook designed for use with 5th Edition.

  • Spell cards in two sizes, one large and one that will fit in a standard trading card sleeve.

  • The spell cards come with pencil-friendly and form-fillable PDFs.

*The spellbook pages are not form-fillable. This is intentional due to the complex nature of printing a book layout. The finished spellbook is designed to be filled out by hand. 

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