New Player Character Sheets

New Player Character Sheets


Learning to play RPGs shouldn’t be this hard.

5th Edition is a great game to jump into—except for all the detailed rules, spells, and abilities you have to remember. That’s why I made these character sheets: so learning and teaching this game could be a little easier.

Whether you’re running a game full of first-timers or joining a bunch of veterans as a new player, these will help you get into it faster and cut to the fun part without feeling like you’re studying for an exam.

Includes character sheets for the four core classes: fighter, rogue, cleric, and wizard.

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  • Rules reminders for ability checks, saving throws, attack and damage rolls, and much more.

  • A combat page guiding you through all the actions you can take on your turn.

  • Class features and spellcasting sheets for the four core classes: fighter, rogue, cleric, and wizard.

  • A sheet for gear, magic items, and character details.

  • All sheets are completely form-fillable PDFs, so you can type them out before printing or use the digitally on a laptop or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use these?
Print them off, invite your friends, family, or coworkers over, and start playing! You can fill them out beforehand with pre-generated character or let them make their own. They also work great for games that only meet once a month to quickly remind players of the basics, or for online games where you’re not always there to help people out.

Why are there only four classes available?
The core classes are much more simple than the other eight. These sheets are designed for ease-of-use and simplicity, so some of the more complicated classes (looking at you, monks) are a bit more difficult to present in this style. These classes are part of the Basic Rules and generally much easier for new players to start with.

But seriously, where are the other classes?
I’ll be looking into releasing more classes as an upgrade in the future, but they will take a bit longer to design.