I'm Julien.
I make Games & Stuff.

I’m a game designer and artist with a passion for making tabletop RPGs—like Dungeons & Dragons—more accessible and diverse.

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5th Edition Essentials

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The Shrine of Endless Night

A brand new adventure combining a low-level dungeon-delve with a queer romance. What will your players find in the forgotten ruins? Made for a party of 1st or 2nd level characters. Works great with Dragon Heist or any other campaign.

Available now on the Dungeon Master Guild.


Editing & Layout

Creating your own products? I am an avid tabletop gamer with plenty of experience as a writer, editor, and designer. I can help you layout a rulebook, create designs for print or digital viewing, and provide editing and proofreading for your next adventure.

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Need art?

I have a wide array of experience, including layout and graphic design, calligraphy, illustration, comic art, editing, and more. I love collaborating on new creative endeavors.  

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